Blog migration

January 10, 2018

One of my intentions for 2018 was to relaunch my blog. For several years I have had a blog which I completely neglected. My previous post dates back to 2013 :-(

I decided to migrate my blog away from wordpress, where it was previously hosted. The reason behind this migration is twofold

  • Use the blog to learn additional technologies
  • Economics, I am confident that I am able to host my blog at a lower price point then possible with wordpress. The free wordpress tier is not an option as I want to use my own custom domain name.

I decided to migrate my blog to AWS S3 in combination with AWS Cloudfront and Hugo to generate the static content. The AWS S3 static website hosting functionality is used to store and serve the blog while Cloudfront is used as CDN.

Recent Items

PowerCLI: Organizing datastores in folders

May 30, 2013

I wrote a PowerCLI script for a customer to organize his datastores in a couple of folders. The script moves the datastore to a folder according to the vSphere hosts cluster that uses the datastore.

This is done based on the name of the datastore which contains an identifier for the cluster it’s connected to. The dastores which are already organised in folders aren’t moved nor are the datastores which are part of a datastorecluster.

vSphere Metro Storage Cluster: SIOC blocking PDL state recovery

April 1, 2013

During failover tests in a stretched metro cluster environment we ran into some problems when recovering from a Permanent Device Loss state (PDL). The failover tests ran successfully. The vSphere servers reacted as expected when testing a split-brain scenario on the VPLEX cluster. The VMs which where running in the same datacenter as the preferred VPLEX Node of there datastore, weren’t impacted. The VMs which weren’t not running at the datacenter of there preferred VPLEX node where stopped and restarted at the preferred site.

vCenter installation fails on Windows Server 2012

March 12, 2013

During the installation of vCenter 5.1 on a Windows server 2012 I ran into an issue where the installation of the vCenter failed. The prerequisite services installed without problems but the vCenter service failed to install. The installation stopped with a Failed to install VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage error. Looking at the services I noticed that the vCenter services was already installed but not running. When I tried to manually start the vCenter server service it failed with an error regarding a dependency service not being available.


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